12 October 2010

How do they do it?

"How many ADD skateboarders does it take to dig a hole?" Let's go skate"
A friend once wrote in her holiday card about her children, "They make me laugh, they make me cry and they do it over and over again." Amen. Teenagers induce my stomach to ache. Mine in particular. My teenager that is, oh, I guess my stomach too.
But sometimes, they take my breath away. And the Saturday before last was one of those moments. (I won't say they are rare, but come unexpectedly) Land decided upon returning home from being down and out and under that he would like to complete his Eagle Scout. (huhhhhhh?) Ok. And he decided that trees for shade for shady characters needed to be planted at the city skatepark. Ok. Nevermind that we have talked to the city for years about shade, and lights, and "facilities." No, not now, no money. But he must of hit them up on the right day, because they simply stated yes, go ahead. We will donate a few trees, but you need to raise the funds for the rest. And within a week he had enough to buy 22 trees! What? He made a flyer and a few phone calls. The skate shop put the word out on facebook and 50+ people showed up to dig the holes. Wellsville ward, Logan ward, friends young and old, skateboarders, random people wandering by. Overwhelming for sure. Gratitude. Certainly. The skateshop brought some product and held a mini-sesh. The kids rested in the shade afterwards. That Land.

 "Why did the chicken cross the road?" To help Land with his Eagle" thanks Camber


Nat said...

How awesome is that?!! Way to go Land! That skate park is going to be beautiful when those trees grow big and tall. I'm impressed.

karen gerstenberger said...

You just made my entire day with this posting!
I am filled with joy at the spirit, inspiration, work ethic, generosity, and beauty of this project. What a fabulous young man you've raised! His gift will bless generations of neighbors who will enjoy the shade and the changing beauty of those trees. He invited others to touch into their own generosity - also a gift.
Those are HUGE trees - how amazing that they are already giving shade on day 1.
Land, you are a gem.
I think all of you Utah folks have got something wonderful inside of you. Thank you for sharing it!

echo said...

great job land!!

Henke Family said...

cool. :) good job Land!

Sara Jane said...

Awesome Land! Way to go!

I love the power shot of you D with the pick digging a hole.

dixie said...

Good Job Land! What a wonderful project!

dixie said...

Oh, Ben is trying to get a Scout Troop together over here in Africa. We miss you guys...and think of you often!!

Kaitlan said...

Great idea Land. now since you have so much tree planting experience, we would like to hire you to come plant some trees in our yard. We have no trees and we desperately need some shade too. Good luck with your Eagle.