27 October 2010


Last week was Fashion Remix. I got my fancy dress on, bought some sexy high heels and wore nude tights with a octopus 'tattoo' stenciled on them. Ksenia and I made the drive, along with a caravan of a whole lot of design students, to SLC. Upon entering the venue the gentleman at the door said after hearing that I had left my ID in the car, "It's obvious you're over 35 so go on in." Friends have suggested I wear more lycra next time. Utah State had a dress in the runway show under the direction of professor Darrin Brooks. You see, it goes down like this; each design company is paired with a manufacturer, such as tile, carpet, textiles, laminate etc. and they must creatively create a high fashion 'outfit' USU drew Humanscale, which produces office furnishings - chairs, lights, systems furniture. How do you make a dress out of a chair? Well, they did an amazing job. Lots of hard work, I've been up on campus seeing it take form. And guess what? They won the whole shebang!

 Here is the dress. Nekku modeled it perfectly, the stomacher is a chair back tied with electrical cords, the pannier is made from chair legs and LED desk lamps. The fabric is office chair "mesh" very stiff and difficult to work with. The leggings are chair fabric also tied again with cords from the lamps. Just Beautiful!

  Here is little Miss Spunky with the Presiding Bishop of the LDS church and Spencer Eccles at the opening of a new facility of Primary Children's Hospital. This was in the paper last spring while she was staying at the all too familiar hospital. 
 So I say she deserves the first piece of cake.

A great night. The proceeds were for Cystic Fibrosis. My niece has a daughter with CF. Let me tell you this little firecracker could rule the world. She loves fashion, and hair styles, and talking. She is a super spokesperson for this disease and when she is older I'm sure she'll be "rockin' the runway." So if you're able, donate to Cystic Fibrosis to find a cure. You don't even have to dress up.


karen gerstenberger said...

What an adorable little girl! YES, she does deserve the first piece of cake!
I love how the LDS church takes such an active role in social justice, in modeling true caring for one another and the community. I admire that spirit and practice SO much.

dixie said...

Great dress! I could find some beautiful Congolese women and they would model it. They can wear anything and get away with it, they are all so beautiful.

Gooo Kaylee! She could rule the world. She was born with spunk!

Henke Family said...

cool dress! she looks just like a table lamp. :)
And that's cool you got to be there with Kaylee. What a neat night I bet that was.

Queens of Sheba Magazine said...

Are those crowns? She's a little Queen!