23 September 2009


Una & Me

Just a little blah lately, well a lot. Megan left on her mission. My friend Una had to move back to Taiwan. BYU got pulverized against Florida St. My car was harassed again.

On the flip side:
  • Megan will be a great missionary... she is a strong young woman who is a survivor and loves people, makes friends easily and is joyful. And I write her a note every morning and send it off, so I'm getting my letter writing groove back.
  • Una brought me a thousand little gifts from "her country." Whistles, jewelry, soap, calligraphy, wallets, cell phone covers, coin clutches -- and much more. We had a good visit on our way to the airport and I have an open invitation to visit her in Taipei.
  • My good friend is the "coaches wife" and we were able to talk during the game. Plus, we took my father-in-law and were in the crazy student section and stood practically the whole game with 70,000 other fans.
  • People have volatile reactions to my car.... (I refuse to believe it is about me) the bright red attracts attention and the Obama sticker provokes temper tantrums. I was called all kinds of names at the dealership when I went to get the oil changed. Seriously, isn't "pinko commie" a bit redundant? Gives me a chance to not take it personally and practice my "dust off your shoulder."


Henke Family said...

wow you are so good at putting things in perspective. why would somebody harass your car? that is so weird. there are a lot of weirdo's out there. good job "dusting". :)

karen gerstenberger said...

It's so hard when a dear friend moves away. I know how this is...mine is in the midwest now. I pray that you will have other joys and intimacies to help comfort you in this loss. And there is always email, txt, skype, and the mail! It doesn't make up for her absence, but you can at least keep in touch.