09 September 2009

I'm Being Followed by a Moonshadow

So my birthday adventures continued into the late evening. An excerpt from Chip Ward's Hopes Horizon ignited a desire to keep track of the phases of the moon... a sort of rhythm to mark time, the tide, moods. I had noticed that September 4th was a full moon and requested a family moonlit hike to the Wind Caves. It was incredibly bright, no need to use the flashlights, dark defined shadows mimicked our steps along the mountainside. The canyon was full of last weekend of summer adventurers. The caves included flight shows from the bats. The boys enjoyed themselves. We heard Land singing as he hiked, Chase kept us from straying from the trail.

Saturday night we had our friends Steven and Doris (our first neighbors in Montana) over. Doris is big into soccer and we could get the Brazil vs. Argentina world cup qualifier so over they came. A few of Darren's soccer players came as well. I kept going from tv to tv to check the status of my alma mater BYU and Oklahoma. Oh Yeah! The Cougars won.

Monday was our traditional Labor Day gathering. We bbq'd loads of hamburgers to feed the loads of family that joined us. Darren set up the scuba gear so whomever chose to try it could. And guess what? My DAD DID IT. And liked it. Just think how he would feel under the sea with the colored little fishies and coral.

Good Times!


karengberger said...

This sounds like a wonderful hike. Your visit with good friends sounds like a blessing, as well. I'm happy for you.
And I like your new name and header!

Tamara Jacobs said...

oh that sounds awesome!!! i've never done a moonlit hike, but now i really want to. and that is awesome that grandpa tried the scuba gear. i'm giggling just thinking of it:) he should try out the ocean water with it!

Sara Jane said...

Glad you had a happy birthday and a good labor day. Mom told me Uncle Doug tried out the scuba diving. Good for him.

I enjoyed the rock climbing post. I'm a big believer that our mind and physical body are closely connected. I'm glad that you are pushing yourself and expanding and enjoying it so much! I was inspired by your post.