15 September 2009

alive @ dead horse point

the lookout

in their own world

Darren + river = Darren

land - a double entendre



tree on the edge

sunset - the sunrise was even more spectacular

impressive pink, camping, mountain-biking ensemble

June in August


they're hard to get, but finally a pic of Chase


great-grandsons and a new stash of art paper - don't ya just love that koolaid mustache face

[returned] missionary Matthew

Utah is amazing. You could be at sup-alpine altitudes frolicking amongst the aspens in the morning and then within hours be breathing the dry desert air while taking in the red-rock sunset. In August we took part in an OO - Owesome Olsen adventure [inside family joke] at Dead Horse Point. Barren and beautiful. The boys camped out under the vast sky of stars; after witnessing a scorpion scamper past the campfire I was safely zipped in my tent. We mountain biked the new Intrepid bike trail, my brother-in-law was key in getting the trail complete and participated in the inaugural run with the now Ambassador to China former governor, Jon Huntsman, Jr. It was a new experience for me... pedaling on the slickrock and then through the sand. You really had to concentrate. We ate good food, told funny jokes, played wicked competitive games -- Olsen style -- and loved being together. Oh, are you kidding, there was no time for knitting.


karen gerstenberger said...

Your photos are beautiful, and it sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful, family-bonding adventure. I loved reading about it. Thank you for posting!

echo said...

man! i wish i could have been there. i really hate missing out on those things.
looks like tons of fun!