18 August 2009

mood swing

We called this a "family portrait" The boys pictured and so many others become such close friends even though they live hundreds of miles apart. Mike, in the middle, gets as nervous as I do when his son Jade skates. Notice Land without braces - happened last Monday.

Saturday wake up was early 5:30 am. Concrete Rodeo Grand Nationals were in South Jordan (SoJo) Utah. Only a bit over an hour away. They have been in Hailey, Las Vegas, Portland and now they were close to home. Land had qualified in Oregon, at our own park in Logan, and won outright in Layton the week before. Skaters were coming in from all over the western states. We pulled up to the park in a soaking rainstorm, shivering until the water stopped, we went to get some hot drinks with some other skateboarders. Hours later, the park swept and squeegeed, the competition got under way. I glanced at the order and my stomach tied in knots. Land was 4th to go in between the best and most well-known skaters competing. I try not to get anxious during competitions, tell Land to "skate with joy" "do your best" "make friends". I understand logically that it really is out of his hands and mine for that matter, but I have hyperventilated during Chase's hockey games when he gets hit and skateboarding is only a touch lower on the nerve scale. Well, Land went out and laid down his best run of the year. It was beautiful. Put up the highest score of the day and won his age group. I stood cheering all the boys, and chatting with parents until 8:00 that night. I begged Darren to stop at Red Igauna on the ride home. I hadn't been able to really eat anything during the competition and their quacamole was calling me. Reluctantly, Darren consented, even to the 45 minute wait. As we were eating he says loudly, "Bob Campbell." And we turn around and our bishop from Missoula is eating at the table next to us. Now, Bob Campbell is one of the "good guys" in this world and we are fortunate to have him as a friend. He shared stories about his grandkids, and hiking, and work and listened to ours as well. The intensity of the day settled into satisfaction of a job well done and friends well cared for and a little bit of serendipity.


karengberger said...

That sounds like a great family event, with something for everyone in it. XO

Jen said...

Go Yan Yan! I sometimes still wish he could speak Chinese. What an awesome job. The boys are so excited for him but keep asking me where his helmet is - they are such the safely patrol (they all have a little Doug in them)