20 August 2009

avoidance is positive reinforcement

The children in the valley are going back to school. It is the first time in 7 years I am not preparing to greet students or be greeted myself. My seasonal rhythm is all out of whack. I have an ever increasing list of shoulds and coulds. I'm not doing any of them. I sort of feel bad, but hmmmm not bad enough? I fill the time otherwise reading things, watching things, and making things. I found some yarn in Cannon Beach. The colors of the coast. I knitted Land a beanie - it is huge, but he humors me and wears it regardless. I sewed the slouch bag out of the linen wool and cotton book. It is a pale green with orange topstitching, roomy enough to transport all my projects. I read Julia Child's, My Life in France. Into it. Encouragement gathered about never being too old to try. Saw the movie... Julie and Julia... with Darren... my chickflic buddy of late. It's taking me time, but soon I'll get into the swing of the seasons and start checking off those must do's with vigor and vim. I hope so. When did I become such a crafty homebody? This is not me... or is it? We are off to a family reunion in Moab. Shall I take my knitting?


echo said...

take the knitting!!
i love that you are getting all crafty up in here. good job. i love the days that i can spend some time with my sewing machine.
wish i could be at the reunion. it is reasons like that that i sometimes really don't like living in hawaii.

echo said...
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karengberger said...

All of the things you mentioned, I like...but I don't do them all at once. Crafts tend to go in cycles, for me, but reading is a CONSTANT, and I LOVED that book! It led to the purchase of two of her cookbooks, and renting DVDs of her old black & white TV shows...fun!

Have a wonderful time at your family reunion, and I hope you enjoy your crafts & hobbies without guilt. Perhaps this is a new season in your life.

Tamara Jacobs said...

cute creations!!!
i think knitted things are sooo awesome! maybe i'll learn someday.
have fun at your family reunion. hope you are having a good summer. loved the pic with land and his buddies. tell him i say his braceless teeth look great.
so, the movie making...i have been doing on windows movie maker. it was just in our computer, and i discovered it, and now i'm obsessed. it's lots of fun:)

Tam said...


Add to you list of "shoulds" write a book. I'm aching to read it.

Tammy Green Ottley