28 February 2009

walk the dog

Khloee and I out for a stroll.

Texture and color behind the Water Lab.

Logan River

Finally brave enough to cross the grate... this took some time.

Ice Bubbles


More Ice Bubbles

Canine Profile

Afternoon Shadow

I took some advice from fellow bloggers and loaded up on some vitamin D in the sunny midwinter day that pleasantly presented itself. Khloee and I wandered through our neighborhood along a small snow trail that goes behind the Water Lab and to 1st dam. She is a socially challenged beast, and pulled me into the mud and down the hill several times while I was trying to manage the camera. I'm considering it mandatory to take her for a walk everyday, I know, I know she should be walked everyday but... she did grow up in Wellsville where she had free rein of the fields... in fact we just donated a tree in her honor at the Wellsville park. That's what the plaque says, in honor of Khloee the Dog. I wish I had a sound recording for each image. A lone plane moaning through the sky. Birds chirping, geese honking, ducks skidding, ice cracking, water melting, mud squishing, children playing, me sighing. 


karengberger said...

What beautiful photos. I am so glad that you did this for yourself and Khloee. Bless you!

Kaitlan said...

oh you are making miss Logan even more. I enjoyed your photos. Good to see that Klohee is still kickin. I will never forget when we were living with you guys and I accidentally let her out and she ran off. I ran after her but couldn't catch her. I laughed when I finally found her sitting in the front yard of your old house.

Henke Family said...

cool pictures! I like the ice bubbles, I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.

melforbes said...

What a beautiful day! Your pictures were awesome...I could almost breath the fresh air myself. I hope it helped to have some sunshine and air! Your life is in 'constant motion' ...hang on for the ride!

Jen said...

Hey De,

I saw where one of your friends mentioned St. Baldricks. We are so excited as Tony is going to get involved and do the shaving of some heads at the event in Long Beach. It is held at a local golf course and Jaden will be challenging people to chipping contests to raise money that way as well.

Love ya,