22 February 2009

Angela Adams & a question...

Angela Adams and her furniture designing husband will be on campus tomorrow for a presentation and critique of a project that she introduced to the students last month. Don't you just love these rugs. Mouth-watering, texturally gorgeous. I would never need furniture, for I would sit always on the floor. If you are interested in attending, the event occurs Monday, February 23rd, at 3:00pm at the Performance Hall at Utah State in Logan.
Now for the question? If you were given the task to "map an ecosystem" as a concept for a design layout what would you include? How would it look? It is using "biomimicry" in a way, to arrange interior space. What would the connections be, what type of "neighborhoods" would you include? Just wondering, as I work on a research question that I haven't quite formulated all the way in my head yet.


echo said...

if i were to map an eco system, my first thought would go straight to browns and greens, similar to a new mexico landscape. but on further thought it would be cool to do something with waves. deep blues, light blues, some greens and whites. the ocean is vast. it could be fun to go deeper than the waves and explore a coral reef design. those are my thoughts.
i wish i could come and take a design class from you. you should be a visiting professor out here at UH or BYUH.

Jen said...

Hey De,

I want her rugs in my house. Do you think they would look good over plywood since that is what my floors are at this point. Love living in a construction zone - blah!

Just wondering, do you have a little bit of heaven in your house?

Love ya,

AnnDeO said...

Oh yes Jen, there is heaven in my house, Khloee is lying at my feet farting (she's getting so old) and I am looking at the vacuum marks in my overcarpeted home. It's starting to look like your carpet was. Ours will be a construction zone soon... when we sell or rent the other house. Keep smiling... I just had a thought... what about incorporating a certain said tile into your kitchen floor? hmmmmm.

karengberger said...

Thank you so much for supporting St. Baldrick's! I sent a note to his mother...she is so proud, and I can't tell you how moving this whole experience is.

I appreciate your writing presence, and your presence as a reader. And I LOVE this rug! Oh my goodness; it's art.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.