06 October 2008

Weekend Pizza

I am a big BYU football fan, but I am an Aggie now! so who to cheer for? The weekend started with the USU/BYU football game. The final score was 34-14, but you would have thought the Aggies had won the superbowl. They scored twice on the 8th ranked Cougars who had accumulated something like 125+ unanswered points and sacked Max Hall which is highly unusual. Our favorite part of the game was watching our friends the Kings (true blue Aggies) high five, jump and yell at the Cougar bench. As someone remarked as we left the stadium, "that's the most exciting non-close game I have ever been too." I did like the t-shirts USU made for the game, the back declaring, "win or lose, you still live in Provo."
ps: I missed you miss johnston.

Saturday was a soaking downpour with a soccer game. Land was amazing. He has been playing defense and is super fast. Nothing gets by him. They won and I'm sure it is the lucky jello - or maybe the coach (Darren).

We dined on homemade whole wheat non-cheese (because I am allergic to milk) veggie pizza. It was yummy and surprisingly flavorful. The boys ate it all up, but were still hungry and made their own dairy version. They put a bit of pepper-jack cheese, but Chase needed more cheddar steez so he invented the 'cheese-it' topping.

We also went and ate dinner with my dad. Chase and Darren stayed and visited after supper with him. Land's friend Michael was spending the weekend with us so once the rain stopped I took them (Land, Dallas, Michael) to the new Heber City skatepark. Pretty nice.

Autumn weekends spent with the family are the best.


Tamara Jacobs said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and my mouth is watering at that pizza! Love the pictures of Land on his skateboard too!

Kaitlan said...

fun stuff. i need to get recipes from you. your food always looks delicious.