10 October 2008

omd at hmv

Land asked me if I had ever heard of the band... Scritti Politti. Are you kidding? I immediately took a trip down memory lane to the 80's to when I bought the vinyl version of their tunes in London. So this post is a shout out to Lisa M. (whose 2nd book, A Life of My Own, is a sort of a loosely based documentation of that time in our lives) and Kelly G... the best freshmen dorm roommates anyone could start college with.
Did we not hang at the "star pit" when these songs were playing?
(I did have white lines up there and yes, I do know what white lines refers to, but that didn't stop them from playing it at BYU, and I can't bring myself to keep the video posted)

Kelly, I think I still remember the moves to the routine.

oh heartache and young love - the lyrics were a mantra

nothing like getting the autographs of OMD at HMV

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Henke Family said...

That's so funny! Heber LOVES OMD!
It's even funnier to watch his 80's dance moves while listening to them. :)