30 March 2010

march madness

The flooded house caused more damage than at first thought... and being an older home other problems were uncovered as we peeled away the layers of wet soggy home. We have been living in a hotel for a month now. The excitement is wearing off. Darren said to think of it as Eloise at the Plaza. I thought of Coach Majerus speaking about the best thing about living in a hotel: "There's clean towels, my bed's turned down every night and there's a mint on my pillow, no matter what psychological or emotional crisis the maid's going through." It's not too bad. It is just exhausting. An onslaught of decisions to make each day. It is weird to be without "home." It feels lonely... no visitors, no family around.

I list the positives:
We are all safe and healthy.
We don't have to sleep in the dust and chaos.
The insurance pays for the accommodations.
I pretend I am living in a high rise in a big city, the desk manager my doorman.
I have breakfast everyday.
I can sit in the hot tub every night.
Room service is cool.

What I am really missing is a home-cooked meal. I can't wait for my new range with a 24" griddle. My mouth is watering waiting in anticipation.

What makes me happiest is talking to my two year old nephew 2-3 times a week. This makes no sense but the conversation goes like this.

me: hi mango (he loves this nick-name, go figure)
him: no, you are mango.
me: no, you are mango.
him: no, you are mango.
me: no, you are mango.
him: no, you are mango.
...continue for five or more minutes...
me: I am going to eat you up mango.
him: no, I am going to eat mango.
me: I love you mango.
him: I love you mango. Where is you?
me: I am in Utah at my house/hotel.
him: can I go there?
me: anytime mango.
him: I miss you mango.
me: I miss you too mango.
him: no, you are mango.
...and so it goes...

...and I love it...

this song suits the conversation...

happy spring... pics from st. john coming soon.


Tamara Jacobs said...

hi dee!
i'm soo sorry about your house flooding! what a bummer.
a hotel stay doesnt sound too shabby i guess:)

i love your conversation with luke. what a cute little boy.

and it's so funny cause i just discovered angus and julia stone yesterday and now i'm obsessed! i love them!

that's so neat that edith bowen was so health oriented. i hope it gets better for when my kids go to school (a sack lunch would do though:)
anyways, love your blog!

Jen said...

Dylan is always asking "Where Aunt De at?" He loves talking with you on the phone, that kid is a crack up. Anyway, I hope you can come down soon and we will hit the cool antique shops, especially Big Daddy's. Love ya, Jen

Sara Jane said...

I have been wondering where you've been. Now I feel bad for not checking in sooner. The mess stinks. Hope you get home soon.