10 February 2010

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My friend's beautiful daughter is theirs!!! She always has been, but the adoption is signed sealed and official. It has been nearly four years of agonizing court cases and character assassinations and... ahhh forget it. It's OVER. What an emotional few hours in the court room. The right thing finally happened. We all had faith that it would, however wavering at times.
I love you guys!

See this movie {above} if you have young adult men in your house and you can never agree on a movie to watch together. Doesn't sound like it would be interesting but it is very clever and it keeps their attention: a sort of afterlife tale much like the one below but DO NOT see this movie.
It is actually the closest I have come to vomiting during a movie. I have read Alice Sebold's Lucky and related to her story, but this movie version of her words was tiresome and sickening. It really made me hate her for writing it. Strong words, but it provoked strong emotions.

Yes, the Saints won the Super Bowl! Oh YES THEY DID! I love New Orleans... Bourbon Street and all. {Jazz at Maison Bourbon is the best} To quote my favorite New Orleans native, Harry Connick Jr. "It will be the best thing she ever saw, take her to the Mardi Gras."

...but did anyone else notice a repulsive theme to several of the Super Bowl commercials... such as whiny weak men in their underwear. Who wears underwear like that? I actually was missing the male chauvenist stereotype stereotypically objectifying women. Can you believe I just said that. The scene captured at the end with Drew Brees and his tiny son made up for it. That was a real man, father, son moment.

Land posted this on his facebook and it makes me laugh.

I miss when they {Land, Colton, Logan at 12} would sing the Andy Milonakis theme song at skate comps. Yeah, I'm shallow most of the time, but deep when I need to be.

And of course I must put the clip of the "winning team, losing team" chant at the Aggie game last Saturday when they played Nevada. Season tickets this year are the best deal in town. It's awesome at the Spectrum!

And another thing, it's almost Valentine's so I must post Bill the super Aggie fan posing as cupid, causing missed foul shots. I tell you - the student's at USU are brutal. It is a trip.

And have a good one!

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karen gerstenberger said...

Congratulations to your friends on finalizing their adoption! I hope this is the beginning of a new and happy chapter for their family.
Thank you for the movie warning. Good to know.
Happy Valentine's Day!