03 June 2009

HD vision

I used to see like this

And now I have HD vision.
Wow... the wonder of lasers.


melforbes said...

Yea...you qualified..I didn't realize you were going to have it done. When did you get it? Lucky!

karengberger said...

Did you have radial keratotomy (sp), or whatever it's called? WOW! What a pleasure it must be to be able to see so clearly, without glasses.
Please do remember not to climb Mt. Everest, now...do you recall what happened to Beck Weathers? He went (temporarily) blind from the altitude's effect on his eyes - after having that surgery. Stay down a little lower, please! =)

AnnDeO said...

mel, I had custom intralase lasik on May 14. so far so good. karen, I can say I have a fascination with Everest and the whole "into thin air" and Beck Weathers story, but I know I do not have the lung capacity or deep desire to climb that high.

Sara Jane said...

I'm so envious of your lasik surgery. A life of no contacts and glasses would be glorious.

Jen said...

"I see" said the blind man.

Love, Jen