13 January 2009

ring in the new year - holiday rewind

Girls with hats (Amy, DeAnn, Ella, Jenny, Jeanette) Angus gets ready to toast to the New Year. Ella participates in the limbo.

Explore Bryce Canyon in the morning. Amy and Ella play in a tree while the others climb up the trail.

We jump for joy for 2009. Snow fights are the irresistible activity at every stop.

Ooooh and Aaaah!

A ready-made snowman greets us on the trail... and isn't Jenny so clever to hold that hoodoo.

Cross-country skiing along the rim of the canyon was spectacular.

Sunset point at sunset. The Fergusson Family, the Olsens and the whole new year crew: Darren, DeAnn, Angus, Amy, Jenny, Duncan, Ella, Fraser, Hugh, and Jeanette.

Hooray for 2009!


dixie said...

Looks like great fun!! A wonderful way to bring in the NEW YEAR!

Sara Jane said...

You have been busy having fun! Bryce looks awesome. The Inauguration sounds fun. How did you get tickets?

karengberger said...

I have loved my first visit to your blog, and I'll be back. You have a lovely writing style/voice.
I am so sorry for your loss. The respect, devotion and love that you give to your mother tells something of what a wonderful woman she was.
Thank you for posting a comment on my blog; I'm happy that it has been a comfort to you. God bless you.

brandonandlexee said...

Cross country skiing I hear is a butt-kicker! Looks like a blast!