09 November 2008

mia (mexico in action)

Isla Espiritu Santo, our home for a few days
The past 10 days have been life-changing. Darren and I spent 10 days camping, snorkeling, diving, turtle researching, eating, friend making, stargazing, birdwatching, Obama cheering, and many more (an inside joke) in Baja, Mexico. More to come. Oh, how I love when the planets align and you know you are "blessed".


Tamara Jacobs said...

oh lucky! I can't wait to see pictures! Can't wait to see you soon. love ya.

Kaitlan said...

We were wondering where you were. Glad you could go for a little getaway. Sounds like so much fun. We want to see more pics of your trip. Tell everyone hi for us.

Sara Jane said...

I've always wondered if Baja was nice to go to. You'll have to post some pictures and give us more details.