21 November 2008

what's the point

I am a sucker for books. Maybe it's a good thing my discretionary funds are invested in those bindings and the pages held between them instead of the black hole of a stock market, oh so nerve racking to watch it spiral quickly downward, our money falling away like the autumn leaves in a crisp seasonal wind. Hmmm, I am easily distracted, I was not writing about the market, but about books (or was it about sewing and knitting) and my obsession with purchasing them, checking them out of the library, sleeping with them, my wild affair with books. So I picked up the Zakka Sewing volume because I was drawn to the sweet graphics and cute patterns. I took on the smallest project - a cozy for a tape measure. Yeah, its about like the time I knitted hats for Easter eggs. It's quick and they are kinda cute. Well, I actually have taken to carrying the darn thing around with me... you know a designer must be ready to size up something... of course this miniature tape only extends 60". It's still fun to pull the tape out and push the button under the batted fabric and send it whizzing back in. It has come in handy for my knitting - a cap for my egghead - not just eggs. And so until I find that cursed cord for the camera so I can share the trip to Baja... enjoy.


anndeo said...

I know, can you believe I made a cover for a tape measure. At least I finished the project in a decent amount of time. ha. write me back.

echo said...

i really like that tape measure cozy. it is a really cute idea. i have that material too.