02 March 2008

Foreign Film

Subtitles and movies are a good combo ever since my days at BYU attending the International Cinema. I have recently watched three productions - all very different.
1- Water: about an eight year old widow in India, tragic and beautiful at the same time
2- Umbrellas of Cherbourg: a sort of French opera with luscious colors and clothing
3- L'Enfant: French again, a story about redemption, my least favorite of the three and so painful to watch


Anonymous said...
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echoallred said...

i have heard about water but have never seen it. i heard it was good but sad. maybe i will have to add it to my netflix.
ps. watch the movie 'once' i loved it!

Henke Family said...

Hi Deann! Bossy here. I read one of your old posts about adoption. I was just wondering if you could tell me a little about the 'agency' or whatever it was that she was adopted through. I would love to venture out more into the adopting world. We have been looking at a Ukrainian adoption site. Since Heber can speak Russian, and knows of orphanages there, we thought that might be kind of fun. Let me know what you know about them. (the people who adopted the little girl).