05 February 2008


So today I voted. I walked in to the Wellsville 01 precinct location and signed my name and before giving me my credit card to unlock the mysterious electronic voting machine the elderly election judge loudly blurts out, "You're a democrat?" as if I had an extra limb and was part of the circus side show. The three fiftyish gentlemen casting their vote looked disapprovingly at me, but I was already feeling confrontational, I had just finished having my yearly mammogram and let's be honest, it's just not right to do that to a breast, anyway these so-called men had their two-ton diesels idling in the parking lot on a red air day in Cache Valley. The nerve! The little old ladies whose circulation could probably benefit from keeping the car warm had turned off their engines and navigated the icy parking lot, and the manly exhaust, for the 10 minutes it took to vote. Argh! The things that get me steamed. I was really annoyed... so when I was passing the movie theater at 1:00 and saw that Juno was starting I bought a giant bag of popcorn and watched the show with two other people in the theater. I thought the movie was quite clever and like Juno felt that "normalcy isn't my style".
*note: Chase is 18 and voted for the first time - I am so proud.


echoallred said...

i wanted to see that movie, but haven't had a chance yet. did you like it? i am glad you voted, good job. it is so important to vote, i think and excercise our rights. what is a 'red air' day? (please forgive my nievete)

Tamara Jacobs said...

Oh I really want to see Juno! And you should have really let that lady at the voting place have it! I would have been tempted to:) I can't believe Chase is 18! Crazy. Oh, and Todd is so jealous that you got to go to Seinfeld. He loves Seinfeld!

anndeo said...

A red air day is when you are encouraged not to drive and are not allowed to burn wood stoves or fireplaces. The air is so thick you can taste it. Cache Valley has recorded the poorest air quality in the nation when we have an inversion.
Juno is amazing! The music is unreal and the whole look and graphics of the movie is great!