07 February 2008

I've Been Tagged - Now What do I Do?

10 years ago I was playing 30 games of checkers a day with Land. My good friend was Lisa Gore and 10 years ago we cried our eyes out over the death of Princess Diana. I just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary so 10 years ago I must have still been in love with Darren.

Snacks: chai tea, black licorice, cupcakes, chips and salsa

5 things on my to-do list tomorrow:
boot camp at 6 am, if I can get out of the driveway
teach space planning
get my new watch set to the right time
take the rest of the Christmas decorations down
watch Proof -- again

If I were a billionaire: (unimaginable)
Live in St. John, USVI, or Amsterdam, or both
Buy books
Go to Africa
Build a beach house
Go on a lot of 'good karma' pilgrimages

Bad habits include:
Messy office
Never matching the socks
I'm so slow at whatever I do

5 places I've called home:
Inglewood, CA.
Craig, CO.
Wellsville, UT.
Missoula, MT.
Lewiston, ID.

5 jobs:
physical therapy aide
gymnastics instructor
interior designer/teacher
needlepoint canvas painter
housekeeping (cleaning toilets) at the sports club

What you might not know about me...
I have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Connick Jr. (of course most people know that)
Land is named after Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh's son Land who lived in Montana where Land was born.
I delivered a 'fruit cake' to a cave man (ie: man living in a cave in Provo Canyon) with my roommate Mary and her uncle.
I was on the cover of the National High School Gymnastics Rulebook when I was 14.

So, Echo, Dixie, and Heidi, you're it.


Tamara Jacobs said...

I love it! I must say you are the first person I've ever know to deliver fruit cake to a cave man! And I didn't know you were on the cover of a magazine for gymnastics! Hope you had fun at boot camp!

dixie said...

Okay, I will try it....
10 years ago it was 1998. All of my children were still at home, actually they lived at home, but were so involved with activities that Ben and I had to have major calendar adjustments just to make sure we were there for them. I was probably making sugar cookies for a classroom party. I also lived a lot in my vehicle zooming from one school event to the other. I didn't have as much gray hair as I color it away now. Looking back...I loved those years!

Snacks: It's still chocolate chip cookies, crushed ice, licorice!

5 things on my to-do list tomorrow:
sleep till 7:00!! yeah!!
9:00 a.m. world wide training broadcast
eat out for lunch!
maybe clean the house, or just the toilets?

If I were a billionaire:
Fix my roof
remodel my kitchen

Bad Habits include:
No energy to clean my house
ice eating
Gas removal!
Not keeping a good journal

5 places I've called home:
Well, I have lived in 13 homes since I left home at 19 3/4, but the last 5 are...Aztec,NM
Logandale, NV
Vernal, UT
Annis, ID
Fruita, CO

2 jobs:
Early Morning Volunteer Seminary Teacher 6 yrs.
Aztec High Substitute Teacher

What you might not know about me???... What you see is what you get. I can't think of anything!

I hope I did this right! Tag to someone else. Echo???!!!

Heidi Janer said...

Did you mean Heidi, ME? I am only a month late, but will gladly oblige! I am continually amazed at all that you are and all that you do. I love you and you inspire me to get more out of life.

hugs to you.