09 February 2011

well read wednesday

I always have taken books when I travel. I take books anywhere. And I certainly want to appear intelligent. (yes, I am the girl who took calculus in high school so I could carry the book around) So I have hauled novels, journals, textbooks, literature anthologies... you get the idea - the deep stuff. Guess what happens? I fall asleep on the plane or the beach in the first paragraph and am not engaged one iota. So years ago before leaving for one of our first trips to St. John (favorite) Land's 3rd grade teacher handed me what she termed, "the trashy beach novel" It even had the above pictured quilted cover. I have been hooked ever since. Don't leave home without one. This novel - hmmm not quite - contained colorful story lines of all sorts of sordid adult behavior. I could blame the blushing on the sunshine and no one was more the wiser with that cute patchwork cover.

Well, light reading is awesome. Jenny had finished her quick read from the plane and passed it to me. I finished in less than four days. Entertaining? Yes. Highlighter? No Way. But the movie comes out on March 18th and I think Darren will even go to this one with me. So you have time to read "The Lincoln Lawyer" by Michael Connelly before the flick hits the big screen. You don't even need to cover this one.


Jen said...

I think I need to get one of those books with a quilted cover. It would probably do me some good if I could ever get 5 minutes to open it and read it. The book cover reminds me of Grandma Stephens and the crocheted tissue holders with the plastic doll heads -- creepy. I never did understand those.

AnnDeO said...

I'll send this on. Hmmmm.... I think I have one of grandmas crochet dolls in my cedar chest. (can you believe I have a cedar chest - so I could take all my worldly belongings on to my marriage) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Matthew Hatch said...

I also like the cover! I wish my anthologies had sweet covers...I'd be the coolest guy at BYU. haha
I know what you mean about not going anywhere without reading. I am an addict; however, I don't think i would go through the pains of calculus just to carry the book around. J/k
Great post, I loved it.