21 July 2010

random pics of an important day

Photo One: 
We attended the wedding celebration of our nephew Matt and his new bride Aubrey

Photo Two:  
The gorgeous couple

Photo Three:
Chase and Land exchange a "brothers" look

Photo Four:
Spencer and MaryAnn enjoy a moment

Photo Five:
Stacee rocks those heels while holding a sleeping child. Pure talent

Photo Six:
My In-laws. G&G Olsen

Photo Seven:
Sean and Fairen, no longer the newest newlyweds

Photo Eight:
Aunts and nieces taking a swing

 Photo Nine:
Slushy stained tongues... I want to take these two home with me

Photo Ten:
Brilliant Echo, should I say it again


Sara Jane said...

Fun pics. I'm headed to Utah tomorrow so I'll be in touch. I would have loved to be there for the 4th, but it didn't work out. I would have called you--maybe you were still in Australia???

karen gerstenberger said...

Joy, friends and family fun, recorded. Thank you for sharing, even though we haven't met. The joy is palpable. It's not necessary to know everyone in the photos to feel that joy.

brandonandlexee said...

Thanks for posting pics of the big day that I missed:( since my parents dont take pictures I will rely on the blogs of my other family memebers:) And you are correct...that picture of Stace shows her pure talent. I can just feel the aching feet and back!