20 March 2009

let's go aggies

It is half-time and the Aggies are down 8 points. Channel 2 (dorks) didn't get the feed from CBS right - they advertised the game as USU vs. Syracuse and the game we were viewing on the tv was Syracuse vs. Stephen F. Austin. {yeah, you know the guy who was given the awful job of answering the flood of calls at the station got an earful from me} It is finally on (USU vs. Marquette) and the Aggies maybe can come back and win this thing. Aggie basketball has the best fans and student section. They are so quick and brutal with their chants. We have enjoyed going to the games. Gary Wilkinson pictured above always engages the crowd to get them cheering. So show me the "true-blooded Aggie from Utah, that doesn't love the spot where the sage-brush grows!"

Update: Aggies are down by only one!

A 6 point lead 4:20 to go.

AAAH! Utah State lost by one.

(photo via: utah statesman)

Odd allegiances: I am an Aggie basketball fan

I am a Ute gymnastics fan

I am a Cougar football fan... can't shake it.

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Kaitlan said...

Oh they were SO close. Nate and I watched it on the computer and we were high fiving each other and having a good old time. Then Nate got pissed and said he couldn't watch anymore. Then he got all excited when he saw the replay of the three pointer, and then he went backed to being all pissed. I was entertained watching the game and most of all watching Nate's reaction to it. If Quayle hadn't fouled out they might have had a better chance. They played really well though, and hopefully next year we will get to see them in the big dance again. GO USU!