27 November 2007

Land needs attention too!

Land is back. After that horrible leg snapping Land is skating better than ever. At the Grand Nationals for Concrete Rodeo in August at the new Battleground, WA. park, Land placed seventh overall with skaters from all over the nation. At that competition he was selected to compete at the Great Northwest Gromfest in Whistler, BC next July. If you go to gromfest.org there is a profile of Land. He also has a profile on bernunlimited.com as he is a team member for Bern Head Protection. He doesn't like me to say too much about his skating (Skate Mom is a derogatory term) but I thought it was fairly significant that psychologically he could come back from such a terrible injury in a relatively short amount of time.

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echoallred said...

i say be proud of your skate mom title. my kids will definatley learn to skate too. i just wish that they will be as good as land. i am glad that he was able to recover and get back out there. so hard core!