30 August 2006

London, Friday 28 July 2006

Today was an on your own day. Marty and I started off in the morning by going to Spitalfields Market. We found some jewelry and scarves and a few other fun things. She left around 11:00 to go north with Darrin and Dennis and Nancy. I stayed behind. As I was walking back a delightful young lady, who looked like Madonna in the 80's asked, "Do you need a little pump up?" I looked confused, but took her up on her offer. She made me over with Benefit make-up, but the best part was her singing along to Lauryn Hill as she was right in close applying the magic potions. I ate lunch at the market and watched as several older folks ballroom danced away the dinner hour. One gentleman even had "blue-suede shoes" and a matching cobalt silk shirt. They were having a grand time.

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